UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) Match Play at Chester Tennis Club

Winter 2019-2020 Tennis Schedule | Winter Session Dates

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Chester Tennis Club | 581 E. Main Street | Chester, NJ 07930 | [email protected] | 908-879-5231


12 noon - 8 pm

Cost $35 per match

www.myUTR.com to sign up and register for play (membership in UTR is free)

What Is UTR?

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UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) is a modified rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. Players are rated based on actual results, not age, gender, nationality, or socio-economic status.

A player’s UTR is a number between 1.00 and 16.50 the provides a real and accurate measurement of skill level. One ,match result is all it takes to receive a projected UTR. After approximately five matches, the rating becomes official. As matches are played and entered into the system, a player’s UTR will increase or decrease over time based on actual match results.

For ,ore information on UTR and how it works, visit www.myUTR.com

Reserve your contract time for next year soon!
call 908-879-5231

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Chester Tennis Club Gift Certificates
A great gift for any occasion for your favorite tennis enthusiast! Pick one up at the front desk anytime or call

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